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Stevens Boatworks is a traditional boatyard and marina in the historic village of Chester on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Committed to excellence in boat construction and maintenance, our yard utilizes time-honored workmanship in building and restoring strong, seaworthy vessels. Our marina offers safe, secure slips and moorings and inside or outside winter storage. We build lasting relationships with our customers and are committed to upholding a legacy dating back to the end of the Second World War.

GENERAL Service Program

24/7 Service for Troubleshooting and Minor Repairs


In addition to keeping up the yard’s traditional shipwright capabilities, we are now addressing the needs of today’s busy boater by offering the 24/7 Service Program for boats in or out of the water, anywhere in the area of Mahone Bay and adjacent waters. We will provide almost immediate assistance on location, diagnosing any malfunction or breakdown of the craft itself and/or of any of the complex mechanical and electrical equipment that is part and parcel of the contemporary boat.

Call us any time 24/7 (902-476-2751) and we will come to your boat on land or sea. Often the necessary fix can be made during a short visit. However, if something major is involved, you have the option of having us bring the boat back to our yard or, whenever possible, we will return to the site with everything needed to complete the job.

“ Our goal is to make wooden boat ownership predicable and enjoyable ”

Classic Care Program


The program: Stevens Boatworks Classic Care program is a comprehensive maintenance program for wooden yachts and classic boats of all types and sizes. It is based on a scheduled inspection, assessment and repair/replacement process.

The mission: To identify structural weaknesses and deficiencies in a vessel and its equipment in advance of the boating season and prior to the vessel developing problems. Following an inspection, we prepare a comprehensive repair/maintenance plan for the completion of all necessary repairs as soon as possible.

The objective: To ensure a sound, seaworthy vessel and avoid inconvenient repair down-time. The plan ensures the owner full enjoyment of the vessel throughout the boating season

How it works:  Once a vessel joins the Stevens Boatworks Classic Care Program, it undergoes an initial inspection and assessment. All parts of the structure and the systems are identified, and potential deficiencies or problem areas are noted. Particular attention is given to engine and mechanical systems and to all electrical and electronic components. A comprehensive report is prepared and presented to the owner, along with a suggested repair and/or replacement plan, budget and work schedule.

Once the critical items have been addressed, we will prepare a Classic Care Maintenance Plan covering all aspects of the operational requirements of the boat and all its systems to ensure the vessel remains sound in all respects.

Our Program also includes a spring launch tailored to the owner’s schedule. The vessel is commissioned and all systems run up and verified. Last minute repairs, if any, are attended to with the owner’s consent. The vessel is delivered to the owner in completely clean and fully operational condition.

Mid-season at the owner’s convenience, we visit the vessel to check out all systems and, if called for, we service and repair or replace equipment found deficient. In the fall, when the owner is ready, the hull, engines and systems are cleaned, inspected, winterized and repaired as required and as approved by the owner. The vessel is prepared for winter, stored under our care and checked regularly while in our care.

The Result – You will be able to relax in the complete confidence that your vessel is being looked after by people who understand and care about both classic boats and the full range of mechanical and electronic systems your boat may have onboard. You will rest assured that your classic wooden vessel will be in fully operable and seaworthy condition throughout the year, allowing you to confidently enjoy the ownership.

Surprises—Very few, except the good kind! Once your vessel is in our Classic Care Program, you pay only for work done with your consent. Despite everyone’s best efforts, unforeseen problems do occur. In such cases, we provide emergency service 24/7 during the boating season to everyone enrolled in this program. In the event of an emergency, we visit your vessel at her location or bring her back to our yard, the only cost to you being the cost of an actual repair or replacement.

The Cost of the Program – Preventive maintenance often saves money, not to mention aggravations. We would be pleased to discuss our Classic Care Program and its cost with you. You may be pleasantly surprised. Call us at 902-476-2751 or email us here, at 




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