Stevens Boatworks

Stevens Boatworks is a traditional boatyard and marina in the historic village of Chester on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Committed to excellence in boat construction and maintenance, our yard utilizes time-honored workmanship in building and restoring strong, seaworthy vessels. Our marina offers safe, secure slips and moorings and inside or outside winter storage. We build lasting relationships with our customers and are committed to upholding a legacy dating back to the end of the Second World War.

A Winter's Worth of Work

A busy winter ahead for the crew at Stevens Boatworks.

The bright-hulled bluenose sloop on the left is in for repairs to cracked frames.

The blue-hulled McVay bluenose sloop is in for a general restoration; refinishing, hull coating, cock pit deck repairs, mast repair and rigging overhaul.

The J-24 just visible on the right suffers from water soaked balsa core in the deck. The restoration has started with a portion of the deck cut open and sodden core removed. Approximately 40% of the deck core will be replaced.

Swinging from the rafters is a real beauty of a 10 ft. row boat; finished and waiting on client pick-up.

Under the tarp on the right is a wooden 11 ft. lapstrake row boat complete and waiting on final finishing, paint and varnish. We will be looking for an owner for this fine little boat in the near future.

Stand by for a progress report.



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